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The Mystery Of The Unclear Space-Tats

Here's a Sam Bell clone fresh out the drawer in the Sarang station, looking Fonzie cool. 

Sam had to go through quite a lot of time in makeup in Moon and we did all sorts of things like drawing on his face and putting cotton wool in his cheeks to make him look different. But we left his tattoo. You probably noticed it in the film but might not have been able to make out exactly what it is. I couldn't when we first started shooting. 

When I first saw it I thought it was sort of like an armed forces tattoo, like the SAS have a dagger with a snake wrapped round it. It has a similar overall shape and I presumed it was something like this. After a while I asked Sam about it and he explained it to me.

 It's a chicken hanging from a noose. He said he got it so he can tell girls he's "got a hung cock".

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